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Deep Dive Into Hemp Wraps

A Deep Dive into Hemp Wraps

In the ever-evolving landscape of cannabis and smoking culture, hemp wraps have emerged as a popular twist—offering an alternative that is not only natural but also in sync with our herbal fascinations. Hemp wraps provide a natural, tobacco-free alternative to traditional wraps.

What Are Hemp Wraps?

Hemp wraps are, in essence, thin sheets meticulously crafted from fibers of the Cannabis sativa plant, often referred to as hemp. Hemp wraps have become a popular tobacco-free alternative and are usually used to roll herbal blends or cannabis into blunts or joints. The fibers found in the hemp plant contribute to a consistent and slow burn that makes them ideal for longer smoking sessions. You'll find them in various flavors, adding another dimension to your smoking experience.

Why Choose Hemp Wraps?

There are several reasons why people choose hemp wraps over other options:


Hemp wraps are a natural product for rolling herbal blends or cannabis to smoke. One of the most popular reasons people love hemp wraps is that they are made with hemp, the plant that is in the same species as smokable marijuana. Some hemp wrap companies and manufacturers go the extra mile to ensure their hemp wrap products are vegan and GMO-free too.


Are you the type of person who prefers fruity, minty flavors, or do you like to keep your flavors more natural? Hemp wraps have a wide variety of options to match cravings and preferences. 

Slow & Even Burning Experience

A key advantage of hemp wraps lies in their ability to burn slowly. Similar to tobacco blunt wraps, hemp wraps are thicker than rolling paper. The strong and durable fibers present in the hemp wraps contribute to a uniform and deliberate burn, enhancing the smoking experience.

Easy to Roll

Hemp wraps are easier to roll than traditional rolling papers because they are thicker and more pliable. The added thickness offers a sturdier surface for shaping the wrap around the herbs, while the flexibility allows for better manipulation during rolling.

Exploring Hemp Wrap Options

As with any popular product, the marketplace is full of options. Personally, we're big fans of Royal Blunt's hemp wraps. Their XXL Hemp Wraps are a bit bigger than the usual ones you see, which means you can roll a fatter joint that burns nice and slow—perfect for sharing with your buddies. And don’t miss out on their Royal Blunts N Roses variant, infused with the aroma of rose petals, which offers a floral adventure to your smoky narrative.

Rolling with Hemp Wraps: A How-To Guide

Rolling with hemp wraps is relatively straightforward and similar to rolling with traditional rolling papers. Here's a basic guide:

Materials Needed:


  • Grind Your Herbal Blend: Use a grinder to break down your herbal blend into smaller, even pieces. This will ensure a smooth and consistent burn.
  • Prepare the Hemp Wrap: Take a hemp wrap out of the packaging and lay it on a flat surface.
  • Add the Herbal Blend: Distribute the ground herbal blend evenly along the length of the hemp wrap. Leave some space at the end, so it's easier to seal the blunt.
  • Shape the Blunt: Gently shape the hemp wrap around the herbal blend, using your fingers to create a cylindrical shape. Tuck and roll the wrap to ensure a tight seal.
  • Lick and Seal: Once the blunt has been shaped properly, you’ll moisten the sticky edge of the hemp wrap with your tongue. From there, you will carefully press the sticky edge onto the other side of the blunt to seal it.
  • Optional: Add a Filter Tip: If you prefer using a filter tip or roach, insert it into one end of the blunt before sealing it.
  • Let It Dry (Optional): Some smokers prefer letting the sealed blunt sit for a few minutes to dry and set properly.
  • Light and Enjoy: Once the blunt is dry (if you choose to let it sit), light one end, sit back, and enjoy your smoke session!

Hemp wraps have truly emerged as a natural and easy-to-use alternative for smokers around the world. What makes them so great is that they offer a slow, flavorful burn and an authentic smoking experience without nicotine or tobacco. Are you ready to explore the appeal of hemp wraps? Discover the selection available at and elevate your smoking sessions!

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