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Flavored Hemp Wraps

Our Top 5 Flavored Hemp Wraps

When it comes to elevating the smoking experience, flavored hemp wraps have made a significant mark in the industry. They not only provide a natural alternative to traditional blunt wraps  but also add an extra layer of flavor, making each session more enjoyable. Given the array of choices available, it can be a challenge to pick the best. But fret not, we’ve got you covered! Here are our top 5 flavored hemp wraps on the market.

Flavored hemp wraps have made a big impact on the market when it comes to improving the smoking experience. They offer a potentially healthier alternative to  conventional wraps and add an additional layer of flavor, enhancing the enjoyment of every session. Making the ideal choice can be challenging, given the variety of options available. So do not worry—we have you covered! Here are our picks for the top 5 flavored hemp wraps available.

1. High Hemp Organic Wraps - Grape Ape

These wraps are the ideal combination of organic hemp and a subtle grape flavor. Each puff is pleasurable because of the fruity undertones, and because they are GMO-free, they guarantee a pure and natural smoking experience.

Fans of herbal smoking have made a particular place for the Grape Ape flavor from High Hemp Organic Wraps in their hearts. These hemp wraps' organic status, which guarantees that smokers are consuming a product without formulated fertilizers, growth stimulants, antibiotics, or preservatives, is their appeal. 

The best part is that the Grape Ape variation infuses each session with a delicious grape flavor, providing a light, fruity grape accent. The natural flavor of the herbs inside is not overpowered by this flavor, which improves the whole experience. Also, the absence of tobacco in the wraps makes them appealing to people who want to avoid nicotine while still enjoying a rich, tasty hemp wrap.

High Hemp Organic Wraps - Grape Ape 

2. Juicy Hemp Wraps Mango Papaya Twist

It's easy to see why Mango Papaya Twist has built a devoted fan base. With the tropical sweetness of mango and the rich overtones of papaya, these wraps create an exotic blend of flavors that create a lovely backdrop for the smoking experience. 

Despite their all-hemp composition, which offers a more natural, smoke-free alternative for individuals who desire to avoid nicotine and tobacco products, they have tempting flavor profiles. The absence of tobacco guarantees a purer and more genuine flavor, allowing the tastes of the selected wrap and fill to coexist peacefully.

Our opinion at MatchBox Bros is that the brand 'Juicy' is renowned for its consistent quality and innovation in flavors, making the Mango Papaya Twist not only a fun and yummy choice but also a trusted one that we feel confident in selling. The combination of exotic flavors, quality assurance, and a natural composition explains the widespread admiration for these wraps.

Juicy Hemp Wraps Mango Papaya Twist 

3. Juicy Jay’s Hemp Wraps - Black N’ Blueberry

Truly, we think Juicy Jay’s is a brand known for its flavor, and their Black N’ Blueberry hemp wraps don't disappoint. A juicy and fragrant smoke is produced by mixing the sweet undertones of blackberries with the tartness of blueberries. Each session becomes a sensory delight as a result of the fruity overtones.

Beyond the flavor, being crafted from hemp, these wraps provide a tobacco-free alternative, which is especially appealing to those looking to avoid nicotine and any associated tobacco additives. This ensures a smoother and more genuine flavor profile, allowing smokers to appreciate the subtleties of their chosen herbs.

The tempting Black N' Blueberry fusion and consistency in delivering high-quality products make these wraps a popular choice for many people.

Juicy Jay’s Hemp Wraps - Black N’ Blueberry

4. Royal Blunts N Roses - Rose Petal Infused Wraps

Another super popular flavored hemp wrap is the Blunts N Roses Royal Blunts Wraps. They offer a unique smoking experience that you won't find anywhere else because they are infused with rose petals!

These Rose Petal-infused wraps are free of tobacco and nicotine, making them the perfect alternative to traditional blunt wraps. The fusion of traditional blunt wrap qualities with the perfume essence of rose creates a unique and luxurious smoking experience. Blunts N Roses Royal Blunts Wraps can satisfy you whether you're spending time by yourself or with friends. Now is the time to try Blunts N Roses Royal Blunts Wraps for an extraordinary smoking experience.

Royal Blunts N Roses

5. Zig Zag Hemp Wraps OG Purp

Smoking fans have quickly come to love Zig Zag Hemp Wraps OG Purp. There are a number of important and fun reasons why these wraps are so popular. First and foremost, they are composed entirely of hemp, offering individuals who are concerned about what they eat (and inhale) a tobacco-free alternative. 

Smokers also benefit from a smoother, purer smoke that lets the flavor of their preferred fill stand out. Particularly in the OG Purp variety, there is a mild grape flavor that adds a pleasant twist to the usual smoking experience without being overbearing. Also, smokers have traditionally recognized Zig Zag as a premium brand because of its dependability and excellence. These wraps are simple to roll due to their natural composition and ease of use.

Zig Zag Hemp Wraps OG Purp 


Hemp wraps are revolutionizing the industry by providing a healthy, tobacco-free substitute for conventional wraps. The additional flavors just enhance how delicious the experience is. There is a hemp wrap out there for every taste, whether you favor fruity, sweet, or tropical flavors. Explore the flavors and dive in to find your ideal match!

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