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Pre-Rolled Cones: Hemp Cones vs Traditional

Pre-rolled cones are one item that has become a must-have for smokers of the growing trend of smoking herbal mixtures. It's not surprising that they've gained popularity given their simplicity and convenience of usage. The question is, though: do you choose a conventional cone or a hemp cone? What distinguishes them? Stay put, and let's explore it.

Pre-Rolled Cone Materials

Hemp Cone: These pre-rolled cones are a gift from nature to the smoking community, made entirely of hemp plant fibers. If you are concerned the hemp cone might have THC - the answer is no and it is completely non-psychoactive. Consider hemp cones as a message from Mother Nature that says, "Enjoy something that is from the hemp plant and unbleached."

Regular/Traditional Cone: There are a variety of these cones. You can use rice or wood pulp, for example. And just as the toppings on a pizza can alter its flavor and consistency, a standard cone's composition greatly affects how you smoke.

The Debate Over Flavor

Hemp Cone: Have you ever enjoyed a cup of organic tea, sensing its earthy notes and aroma each puff? It feels like that when you smoke from a pre-rolled hemp cone. The inherent qualities let your herb's actual flavor come through pure. If you’re looking for a more intense flavor profile, there are flavored hemp cones available as well. 

Regular Cone: The flavor of regular cones is influenced by the type of paper used, much like chameleons. While some people are afraid of possible chemical aftertastes, others firmly believe in it. 

Burn Rate For Pre-Rolled Cones

Hemp Cone: Picture starting a candle that burns steadily and slowly for several hours. For you, that is the hemp cone. Because of its natural hemp fibers, you always get a steady, mellow burn.

Regular Cone: Using a standard cone involves some risk. Variations in burn rates can be caused by different materials. It's like observing different campfires; some burn brightly while others simmer.

Effect on the Environment: Which is Greener?

Hemp Cone: Pre-rolled Hemp cones are the front-runners in the battle for sustainability. The hemp plant requires less water and pesticides because it is biodegradable. It's comparable to picking a bike over a gas-guzzler as an environmentally friendly move.

Regular Cone: The carbon impact of regular cones varies. The ones made of wood pulp are especially worrisome because they have the potential to cause deforestation. It doesn't sit well to picture a forest being cleared for paper, does it?


Personal preference ultimately determines which type of cone to use: hemp or ordinary. There is a cone for everyone, regardless of your priorities whether it comes to flavor, burn rate, or the environment. And never forget to abide by local rules and regulations when you travel this world. Smoke responsibly!

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