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Herbal Blunt

What is a Herbal Blunt?

Have you ever been around friends where someone mentioned the term "herbal blunt" and everyone else in the group nodded, but not you? You're not alone, so don't worry! Isn't it remarkable how something so basic as a herbal blunt can get such a following yet being unclear to many people? 

The Basic Definition

Generally speaking, a "herbal blunt" is a rolled smoking product that resembles a tobacco cigar but is loaded with other herbs rather than tobacco. These herbs can be specific herbs like damiana, mullein, or even cannabis in places where it's allowed, or they might be mixtures made without tobacco. As with traditional blunts, the wrap can be made of tobacco leaves or non-tobacco materials.

Herbal blunts have become more and more popular as individuals hunt for non-tobacco options and explore new methods of consuming herbs, whether for therapeutic, medicinal, or spiritual causes. It's crucial to understand the health risks and legalities of any chemical you decide to use, though.

Herbal vs Traditional

Herbal and traditional blunts are types of rolled smoking experiences, with herbal blunts filled with a blend of herbs like damiana, mullein, lavender, or cannabis. 

Traditional blunts are filled with tobacco, with wraps made from tobacco leaf, giving them a distinctive flavor and includes. Herbal blunts are often used by those seeking a tobacco-free smoking experience, while traditional blunts enjoy the combined effects of nicotine and cannabis. Health implications vary depending on the herbs used, and legality depends on local laws. 

One significant difference is how much the flavor profile varies, with herbal blunts offering a relaxing experience and traditional blunts offering a unique buzz due to the tobacco wrap. The choice between these types depends on personal preferences, nicotine consumption, and local laws.

What’s Inside and Herbal Blunt? 

Herbal blunts come in different brands and contain varying components, much like a chef's secret recipe. Some might have lavender, chamomile, or even damiana in them. Every herb has a distinct taste and aroma.

Common herbs include Damiana, Mullein, Lavender, Passionflower, Mint, Catnip, Chamomile, Lemon Balm, Hops, Marshmallow Leaf, and Sage. These herbs are traditionally smoked or used in herbal medicine, but their health effects, especially in combination, are not fully understood. Some individuals may have allergic reactions or sensitivities to specific herbs, so it's important to exercise caution and research any herb you plan to consume. Please smoke responsibly. 

Why Do People Like Them?

Because they may be used without tobacco or nicotine, have distinctive flavors and scents, and are said to have health benefits (as opposed to smoking cigarettes with needless additives), herbal blunts are becoming more and more popular. 

They can also be utilized as a replacement to illegal herbs in locations where it is illegal or stigmatized, as well as in spiritual or ritualistic contexts. To change the flavor or experience, some smokers also experiment with different herbal mixtures and blunt wrap flavors. 

While smoking anything, even herbs, is not considered "healthy," the lack of nicotine and other harmful substances included in regular tobacco products makes herbal blunts more appealing to many.

It's important to remember that smoking anything, even herbal blunts, exposes you to combustion byproducts, which can be harmful to your health. Smoke responsibly. 

Flavors & Taste Selections

A wide range of plants, each with a distinct flavor and scent profile, are used to make herbal blunts. The standard flavors like chamomile or lavender are staples for any herbal blunt smoker but you can also try yerba mate, rose petals, calea zacatechichi, and raspberry leaf. 

Whether used separately or combined, these herbs provide a multitude of flavor possibilities. These plants are frequently combined in different ratios to generate distinctive flavors in pre-rolled herbal blunts and herbal smoking mixtures. It's vital to make sure you are not allergic to or sensitive to any herbs, and to purchase your herbs from reliable sources, as smoking any substance might have negative health effects.

In addition to the actual herbs used in the blunt there are flavored blunt wrap options to compliment. Here are a few popular choices: 

Creating Your Own Blunt Using Herbs

Are you a naturalist? How about making your own blend? Custom blends made just for you can be made by cultivating and drying your own herbs. Making your own smoothie is similar to that, but smokable.


  • Herbal blend: Choose from the herbs mentioned earlier or research other smokable herbs to create your blend. Ensure that the herbs are dried and free from contaminants.
  • Blunt wraps: These can be purchased from smoke shops or online. For tobacco-free options we recommend using hemp wraps.
  • Grinder: This helps to break down the herbs into a consistent size, ensuring an even burn.
  • Small tray or clean surface: For rolling and preparing the blunt.


  1. Grind the Herbs: Use a grinder to break down your chosen herbs until they have a consistent grind for smoking. Mix your herbs together on a tray or clean surface.
  2. Prepare the Blunt Wrap: Using a pre-made blunt wrap, makes this process a lot easier because it is all set and ready to fill! If you're using a tobacco cigar or cigarillo, you'll need to split it open carefully, usually along the natural seam, and empty out the tobacco. 
  3. Fill the Blunt Wrap: Spread your herbal mixture along the center of the wrap as evenly as possible. Make sure you are leaving a little space at both ends. Be mindful not to overfill and overpack because this will make the rolling process more difficult and the blunt won’t burn evenly. 
  4. Roll the Blunt: Begin at one end and tuck the wrap over the herbs, rolling it between your fingers. Roll tightly but not so tight that airflow is restricted. It’s a balancing act! Lick or slightly dampen the edge of the wrap to help it stick and seal the blunt. Next you will twist the ends to seal them. Let the blunt dry for a few minutes to ensure it holds its shape.
  5. Light one end and enjoy! Smoke responsibly!

Making your own herbal blunts allows you to have control over the ingredients so you know you're using herbs that are safe to smoke and are sourced responsibly. Always check you're not allergic or sensitive to any herb you decide to use, and remember that while smoking herbal blunts may avoid the risks of tobacco, there are still potential risks associated with the act of smoking itself.

Legal Reminders & Considerations

Make sure you are always aware of the most recent local rules. Despite not containing tobacco, herbal blunts may still be subject to local smoking or herbal laws.

Common Misconception

In recent years, there has been a surge in the popularity of herbal blunts, which has given rise to a number of myths and misconceptions. Here are a few typical ones:

"All Herbal Blunts are Nicotine-Free": Not necessarily. Tobacco leaf wraps, which include nicotine, may be used in certain herbal blunts. It is important to inspect the contents of the herbal mix and the blunt wrap. If you’re looking for alternatives, hemp wraps are a much better alternative to tobacco wraps. 

"Herbal Blunts Can Cure Diseases": Although some herbs have historic therapeutic uses, smoking them has not been demonstrated to offer any health benefits. Make careful decisions when buying or making blunt wraps. Be sure to purchase from a reliable blunt wrap store and be wary of claims that they may heal or cure ailments.

"Herbal Blunts Don't Affect the Lungs": Smoke in any form can damage the respiratory system. Regularly inhaling the smoke from herbal blunts might cause lung damage and issues over time.

"They're Legal Everywhere": The legality of a herbal blunt varies based on its contents. If it contains plants that are prohibited or restricted in a certain area, it can be against the law to use or possess it. Herbal blunts would also be prohibited in places where it is against the law to smoke in public.

"Herbal Blunts Get You High Like THC": Most herbal mixes don't have effects that are similar to those of THC-rich cannabis, however some herbs may be slightly psychoactive or relaxant. While some users may experience a slight sense of relaxation or mood shift, this is usually far milder than the effects of THC.

"Herbal Blunts Are Just for Young People": Herbal blunts are enjoyable for people of all legal smoking ages and socioeconomic levels. They are appealing to a wide range of smokers!

"They Taste Bland": Taste is a personal experience! Many smokers find herbal blends' variety of flavors to be enjoyable and unique. There are many different taste profiles to try because of the diversity of herbs that are accessible. Not only can you get a taste from the herbs themselves but there are also flavored blunt wraps available on the market. 

"All Herbs are Safe to Smoke": An herb isn't always safe to smoke just because you can drink it as tea or eat it. Make sure any herb you're thinking of smoking is suitable for that mode of ingestion by doing your homework.

Herbal blunts require critical thinking and common sense, just like many other trends and goods. Be sure you're knowledgeable and making decisions based on reliable information. Your health and safety should always come first. If in doubt, seek advice from professionals or reliable sources. Safety first!

Tips for Storing Blunts

Lastly, how to store your blunt wraps! Blunt wraps should be stored in a cool, dark place (avoid the refrigerator though). We suggest keeping them in an airtight container, with humidity control packs for dry environments. Regularly check for freshness and keep different flavored wraps separate to not change the flavor or smells.

These storage suggestions help guarantee that your wraps stay fresh and available at any time.

The Herbal Blunt's Future

Finally, it should be noted that herbal blunts are more than a fad. They signify a move away from smoking chemicals and unnecessary additives and toward a more plant based approach. There is a herbal blunt out there for everyone, be it plant-conscious, inquisitive, or just to try something different.

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